What is YouthMax?

It is a 72-hour Preparatory class critically unfolding the contents and structure of YOUTH LEADERSHIP. It gives COUNSELLORS, LEAD YOUTH PASTORS, ASSISTANT YOUTH PASTORS, decision makers, culture-shaping influencers and Executives, thoughts to sustain, beliefs to audit, new goals to engineer and plans to execute in their SCHOOLS, YOUTH MINISTRIES, and ORGANISATIONS.

Course Curriculum includes

Understanding the Rudiments of Youth Culture and Behaviour

Ability to lead with Emotional Intelligence

Understand the 16 Brain Applications of every Youth

Training and Development of the KCG model Coaching competencies relevant for at-risk/high-risk Youth

Learning to administer the 16 Personality styles

Introduction to the DISC Leadership assessment Test

Develop Coaching Competencies

Understanding the mind of the social Media Youth

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Oyinkansola Alabi

Oyinkansola Alabi is the Lead Researcher, Intellectual Property Owner and Lead Facilitator of the YOUTH MAX IDEOLOGY. Mastermind, Futurist, An incredible blend of gift and skill. Public Speaker. Authentic Thought Engineer. One of Nigeria’s clearest and most sought-after high impact youth influencers. This is how many industry professionals and observers have continued to describe Oyinkansola Alabi.

She is the Principal Coach of Merchants of Romance, an Emotions Coaching and Consulting Firm. The company works with leaders of various arms of Government and NGO’s as well as Business and Institution leaders at all levels, using original, home-grown research and principle based methodologies.

Oyinkansola works strictly with thinkers, decision makers, influencers as well as the most vulnerable in society. She is shaping culture in Youths and Family Life through Thought Engineering. She is also the Co-Visionary of Emotions Clinic and MERCHANTS OF ROMANCE LTD.