What is YouthMax?

THE YOUTHMAX ACADEMY is a Research-Driven, NATION-BUILDING, Training, Coaching and Consulting Firm. We work to BUILD QUALITY YOUTHS that would become society’s THINKERS, DECISION MAKERS and INFLUENCERS. We primarily exist to ensure that the quality of YOUTHS in Nigeria is on the list of the world’s most EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT entities.

Course Curriculum includes

Developing empathetic and listening skills

Ability to lead with Emotional Intelligence

Developing relevant tools for high-level productivity and business consulting

Training and Development of the KCG model Coaching competencies

Learning to administer the 16 Personality styles

Introduction to the DISC Leadership assessment Test

Mastery of language and emotions

Ability to build a compelling personal brand and presence

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Oyinkansola Alabi

Oyinkansola Alabi is the Lead Researcher, Intellectual Property Owner and Principal Coach of The YOUTHMAX ACADEMY.

The Incredible blend of gift and skill is one of Africa’s clearest and most sought-after high impact trainer.

Oyinkan is committed to redefining culture and raising emotionally intelligent Professionals.

She has developed fourteen best-selling Audio and Video products like What Stories are you telling yourself, Writings on your wall, Emotions Mastery, The difference between the Story of your Life and your Life Story, The Emotional Intelligent Youth to mention a few. These products have helped hundreds of thousands of entities across the globe.

The Personal Advisor, Coach, and Confidant to many high net-worth individuals serve as the First and Only Female Network leader and Ally in Nigeria from the prestigious Six Seconds Network U.S.A where she promotes EMOTIONAL RESPONSIBILITY as a critical pathway to PURPOSEFULNESS at any level of development.

Oyinkan is a Licensed Therapist, Certified Life Coach, Licensed Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Member of the Life Coaching Association of Nigeria and also the Convener of the first ever Emotional Intelligence conference in Africa tagged ‘The Emotional Intelligence Week’.

Oyinkansola has trained in thirty states in Nigeria, six different countries and serves as an Ordained Pastor in the Fountain of Life Church under the impeccable leadership of Pastor Taiwo and Nomthi Odukoya.