Diary of a SINGLE PASTOR by Oyinkansola Alabi


I remember being invited to a friends worship centre. They had invited a special guest to preach. During his message, he
made a special call for ladies believing God to get married.

Everyone on my row stepped out while I sat down. The camera man who acted displeased decided to focus his lenses on me to project me on the screen. I had a good time smiling and listening to the prayer points been rendered.

After the service, my friend who had stepped out during the call asked why I didn’t.

I smiled and I said I am not believing God for a husband. She look at me in shock then I shared my perspective with her.

1. Do kids believe their father for school fees? Do they step out to be prayed for so that their fathers can pay their bills? If they did, wouldn’t you question the father?

2. Do kids believe their mother for food?

3. Unbelievers, I mean people who aren’t covenant children get married with ease, how much more a covenant child?

4. Wicked and evil people get married daily without prayers, fasting or any gymnastics, how much more a covenant child?

5. When i hear people say, the singe ladies who aren’t married sure have a character problem, my question usually is, if everyone who got married had good character, how come we have a consistent increase in divorce?

6.If good sex could get and keep a man then all prostitutes should be happily married.

7. I believe so much in prayer, I believe in fasting what i do not believe in is desperation. I am aware that God rules in the affairs of men. The Bible never promised us that we would all get married at the same time. Neither did the Bible say we are all running the same race.

8. If we all have different birthday dates,different purposes then we would most likely have different wedding dates. No one knows the exact time anyone will get married, all those books, messages, seminars, webinars etc would at best influence your motivation and behaviour.

9.Having pioneered Merchants of Romance for 7 years, I can categorically tell you that marriage isn’t how fast? or how long but how well, how peaceful, enjoyable and fulfilling.
These societal and cultural pressure come in batches, first is “when are you getting married”, the second is ‘when is the naming ceremony” the third ‘ this child is due for a younger one’ etc I am not living my life for the society. There was a deliverance I conducted in my room for myself years ago, the deliverance is called ‘Deliverance from the expectations of men’.

10. If your parents marriage wasn’t a MODEL, then i suggest you learn and glean from other MODELS. Invest your waiting period. Its better to stay happily married than just getting married.

11. MARRIAGE isn’t LIFE. MARRIAGE is a part of LIFE.

I am single and enjoying my life and I am most grateful I didn’t get married when i attempted to four years ago. I will in due time but be rest assured it would be a SURPRISE.

See you at the altar single friends.

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One thought on “Diary of a SINGLE PASTOR by Oyinkansola Alabi

  1. Thanks for sharing this Pastor Oyinks… The pressure from family & the society is almost annoying. Infact, I was recently asked by a dear relative, “when is it happening, we are waiting…”? I politely replied, ” It’s good to wait until one’s change comes”…. I don’t know when being a “single” has become a problem! #Enjoymylife is way to go!

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