DIARY of a SINGLE PASTOR by Oyinkansola Alabi…


Precisely two months before I was born my tall, dark and handsome veterinarian Doctor Dad was/ has been down with stroke for the past 33 years.

That singular effect changed our Family story from being a financially sexy home to a struggling home.

My mum worked for two. She had her usual day job and then an evening shift as a cab driver in Lagos. Things were unromantic. I mean life peppered us.

In between all of these acts and scenes. I Learnt one of the realities you have to embrace when you are from an average or middle income home. The fact that you may not always have an overflow. You may always have to manage and unconsciously compete for the available.

This reality also demands that you deploy stratagems that will move you from the level of NO RESOURCE to being RESOURCEFUL.

To have resources means you have stock or supply of money, materials or assets.

While RESOURCEFULNESS means the ability to deal skilfully, promptly and creatively to overcome difficulties.

Having been an entrepreneur for 7 years, I can candidly state that it’s really not about the resources, it’s about your level of resourcefulness.

How HUNGRY are you about actualising your desires?

How can you demand what you deserve from life?

How can you raise funds for a project you really believe in?

I have a reputation for helping businesses and faith-based organisation raise funds. When a friend called me few weeks ago to say she needed 1M to invest in her business that day. All I did was ask her a question.

Do you have 10 people in your life who enjoys the news of your success and can give you 100k today? or 20 people who can give you 50k each? She said yes. I said then go ahead, write their names down, place a call across and make a request. Just ask, the worst that can happen is a NO. And what does a NO mean? it means the possibility of a YES is around the corner.

She called me at about 7pm to say she had raised 1.2M.

Quite truthfully, most of us storify our failures even before we embark on a project. We subtly install impossibility and negativity into every part of our subconscious.

Resources aren’t the real problem, our lack of resources is.

The ultimate resource we all need is the human emotion. I mean, Emotion starts wars, emotion makes you get married or divorced, emotion makes you stay all night to build your business, Emotion makes you give up.

If you don’t master your emotions then you will think lack of resource is the problem. Creativity is an emotional resource.

If you are determined enough, can you find an answer to the problem, YES or NO?

If you are determined enough, can you raise that amount you don’t have but need, YES or NO?

If you care enough, can you get other people to care as much as you do, YES or NO?

If you are bold and confident enough, can you get to achieve what others have struggled to achieve yes or no?

You see the ultimate resource is RESOURCEFULNESS.

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