We primarily exist to ensure that the quality of YOUTHS in Nigeria is on the
list of the world’s most EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT entities.

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72 Hours of Undressing Youth Leadership

THE BEST GIFT to give yourself and loved ones in 2017 are NOT in a BOX… It’s NOT out of the BOX…. It’s an EXPERIENCE… a KNOWLEDGE SIT-DOWN with the THOUGHT ENGINEER.

This leadership EXPERIENCE is strictly for thinkers, Decision Makers, and Culture Shaping Influencers. An Expose’ and Critical insight into the contents of THE LIFE, LEADERSHIP COACHING CERTIFICATION FOR YOUTH LEADERS.

You are recognized for Your Influence

Your Influence is Your Critical Relevance Factor. Brace Yourself Up! YOUTH MAX is a 72 Hours Preparatory class that critically unfolds the contents and structure of YOUTH LEADERSHIP.

It gives COUNSELLORS, LEAD YOUTH PASTORS, ASSISTANT YOUTH PASTORS, decision makers, culture-shaping influencers and Executives, thoughts to sustain, beliefs to audit, new goals to engineer and plans to execute in their SCHOOLS, YOUTH MINISTRIES, and ORGANISATIONS.

Take Action

What we will stop doing and what we need to start doing are two distinct choices that can shape your YOUTH ARM. If you care about your YOUTH LEADERS and the Future, this is your event.

About the Founder


Oyinkansola Alabi is the Lead Researcher, Intellectual Property Owner and Principal Coach of the EMOTIONS CLINIC, Merchants of Romance and the YOUTHMAX Academy.

The Incredible blend of gift and skill founded the Merchants of Romance eight years ago as a one-stop store for romantic solutions.

Oyinkan is committed to helping couples create and rekindle their relationships. She has developed fourteen best selling Audio and Video products that have helped hundreds of thousands of entities across the globe.

The Personal Advisor, Coach, Confidant, Emotions Doctor, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner also serves as an ordained Pastor in the Fountain of Life Church under the dynamic leadership of Pastors Taiwo and Nomthi Odukoya.


“Nothing replaces Access, Influence, and Experience”.

The true value of becoming a certified YOUTH MAX LEADER is not only what Oyinkansola Alabi brings to the Team, but also her teaching faculty, with 13 years of hands-on experience and our entire team are making an impact in the world.

The Practitioner and Thought Engineer Has Something for You

The class comes at a discounted fee for early-birds and group registrations.