YouthMax is a research-driven, nation-building, training, coaching and consulting firm. We work to build quality youths that would become society’s thinkers, decision makers, and Influencers. We primarily exist to ensure that the quality of youths in Nigeria is on the list of the world’s most emotionally intelligent entities.

We work with leaders of enterprises, Corporations and Churches as well as those of various arms of government, Non-Government Organizations, Youth Constituencies, Families and discerning individuals at all levels, using Original, home-grown research and principled-based methodologies. Our robust research efforts have over the years resulted in the invention of highly-effective products, programs, solutions and services that are timeless in their impact, usage, and application, for which society is grateful for.


Summary of Our Record

We work again and again with organizations across diverse sectors, both public and private, including amongst many others: Lagos State government, Corona Schools Trust Council, Greensprings School, Mayflower Secondary School, Ikenne and other Faith Based Organization.

Our Kiss Like You Mean It Campus program has empowered thousands of young people in mastering their emotions on Campus and in the Marketplace, taking their place in nation-building and empowering them to take responsibility for their existence.


Why We Deserve to Serve You

As a company, it is critical for us to introduce and install the value we represent into as many minds as we can reach. It’s our belief that we can transform positively the behavioral pattern of every individual or organization that we come across.

This year like many other years have gone by, the company plans to have globally impacted and reached out to millions of people via our different platforms. In so doing, we expect to have had at the end of this current year, a total of 25,000 recipients in our database thus deepening our ideals as well as soaring revenue and profits for your organization.

The YouthMax has proposed a strategy for approaching this goal and will like to seek your partnership in the successful implementation of these long-term plans.

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